Pilates in Kintyre and Argyll

Fully Qualified Body Control Pilates Instructor delivering classes throughout Kintyre and Argyll.

LST Pilates

Pilates targets the deep postural muscles building strength and stability from the inside out. Moving from the correct postural alignment, Pilates helps to re-balance the spine and joints creating a lengthened, leaner and toned body.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Increased mobility of the Spine and Joints
  • A Balanced Body
  • Core Strength and stability
  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Leaner and more toned body
  • Back pain relief – strengthens the skeletomuscular system
  • Helps with muscular aches and pains

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Pilates Classes

LST Pilates in the sun

Fully qualified body control pilates classes in Kintyre and Argyll.

  • Mondays - Studio Sessions & Mat Zoom
  • Tuesdays - Studio Sessions & Mat Zoom class
  • Wednesdays - Studio Sessions & Mat Zoom classes
  • Thursdays - Mat Campbeltown & Zoom
  • Fridays - Mat Campbeltown & Zoom

Are you a beginner or haven't practised for a while? New Beginners/Refresher classes regularly in Campbeltown!

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“Since starting Pilates with Leone, my back has made steady improvement and I feel so much better, fitter and stronger.  It is relaxing and energising and so worthwhile. I love it, it's brilliant!”


“I've been going to Leone's Pilates classes for three blocks now and can't believe the difference it has made to my back.”


I attended Leone's first classes and have attended regularly over the years (even through lockdowns when classes have been online). Classes have improved my overall flexibility, sorted me out after overdoing the gardening, and with specific directed exercises have helped me regain comfort and mobility with knee, hip and lower back issues.
Pilates itself keeps my body in check, but Leone's knowledge, interest and enthusiasm take the benefits to the next level.


“I have longstanding back and shoulder problems which flare up from time to time and although regular Pilates classes help, after speaking to Leone, she felt more targeted exercises would be beneficial. 
We arranged a 1:1 session, devised a plan and spent time working through the exercises. Within days I was feeling a huge improvement and for me the results are amazing”

“I just wanted to say how much I love the Pilates classes. I feel so calm and relaxed after a class and I really feel a much greater awareness of having my pelvis in neutral which is helping my posture and the way I control movements. Thanks so much”


"Thank you for the studio session this morning. It definitely seems to be making a difference to me. However this e-mail is to respond to the one you circulated to us all about the benefits of Pilates for lower back pain. I have had nagging lower back pain for years and it was only when I read your e-mail that I realised that it has not bothered me for ages. I put this down to the difference which Pilates has made to how I hold myself and use my body, especially the core muscles. Thank you very much for that.

Good wishes, Ailsa"