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Testimonials from clients

What do you most enjoy about your LST Pilates Session? 

  • The feeling of well being after a session, and the craic
  • I enjoy how I feel after most of all, relaxed more toned and lower back pain gone!
  • It is much more enjoyable to exercise in a class, you can share the difficulties of the hard exercises and the high points of finding you can now do an exercise you had thought you never would be able to!
  • I most enjoy the peace of a quiet hour just concentrating on stretching and moving my body in different ways. I always feel renewed afterwards.
  • They relax and revitalise me after a day teaching!
  • For that hour my head is empty of everything else other than what we are doing in class.
  • I love my Pilates session every week as it helps me to relax and focus on my body and the bits of it that ache or need strengthened. It is also fun, the company is great no matter what class you attend and Leone is just the best teacher. She is able to watch every individual and correct your positioning when needed and gives excellent instruction throughout the classes.
  • MY time for one hour only and being coached by you.
  • The time goes so quick, not repetitive, different format every time. Good company.
  • On the evenings, usually the dark winter nights, when I wish I was just heading straight home from work instead of going to pilates, I always come out of the class feeling good and so pleased I didn’t go straight home!
  • The feel good feeling after the class and sense of achievement when managing to do an exercise correctly.
  • I feel so invigorated after a lesson


Joseph Pilates pioneered a way of moving that focuses on the correct alignment or posture of the body whilst performing exercises that focus on different parts of the Body. If practised regularly, Pilates will improve your physical strength, flexibility, balance and posture together with your body awareness.

Pilates is beneficial for anyone, regardless of age, gender or current level of fitness. You work at your own level and many exercises can be modified to reflect any physical challenges. It is particularly beneficial for those who want to improve their strength and stamina and for those suffering from muscular imbalances, back pain, injury through running or other sport together with easing joint & spinal pain. Pilates is safe and encourages movement of the spine and joints as they were designed to be move, the correct Muscles facilitate the movement.

We have taken the original classical Pilates exercises and broken them down into manageable movements building up to the Classical Repertoire. This allows you to work at the level that suits you and your body.

Joseph Pilates Fundamentals

  • The Breath
  • Centering
  • Concentration
  • Flowing Movement
  • Control
  • Precision

Throughout all of the movements we make, we are mindful of the fundamentals, in particular, we focus on Alignment (Precison), Breath and Centering.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” Joseph Pilates

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